Our Management Team

Name Team Role
Erdkruste Management
Stregg0r Management
Neo Management

Our leadership guidelines

  • SOCIAL: We as a management team treat our members with respect and fairness.
  • IDOL: We live our expectations ourselves.
  • RESPONSIBILITY: We take responsibility towards all members, our tasks and the entire organization.
  • DIVERSITY: We use diversity as an opportunity and ensure that it is dealt with at eye level.
  • COLLABORATION: We communicate openly and work together trustingly.
  • TOGETHER AND EACH OTHER: We are tolerant and caring.

Our Call of Duty-Players

Name Team Role
Erdkruste Call of Duty – Modern Warfare
Stregg0r Call of Duty – Modern Warfare
Neo Call of Duty – Modern Warfare
Moep.Myuri^ Call of Duty – Modern Warfare
Vik Call of Duty – Modern Warfare

Hall of Fame

All former members who are no longer active.

Name Team Role
Squall Hall of Fame
FeniX Hall of Fame
Joker Hall of Fame
Obsession Hall of Fame
U6^ Hall of Fame
Abraxas Hall of Fame
Achti Hall of Fame
ThaBug Hall of Fame
Dsquared Hall of Fame
niK Hall of Fame
Brave^ Hall of Fame
-R0cKsTaR- Hall of Fame
just.chRis! Hall of Fame